Overall Site Cost Savings Analysis / Recommendations

  • Thorough on site analysis of End User Facility
  • Review of current processes, and development of solutions to create value
  • Review of current product usage and documented Cost Savings recommendations.

Maintenance | Repair | Operations Site Analysis for Aerosol Cost Savings

  • Review of complete listing of Aerosol Product Usage.
  • Development of cost savings in terms of product and process
  • Site Audit and documentation of results.

Ladder Safety Training / Inspections

  • Site Visits ladder inspections
  • Site Analysis for correct applications
  • Ladder Safety Training
  • Cost Savings recommendations

Hydration Safety Training

  • Site visit and evaluation
  • Hydration Safety Training
  • Product demonstration / sampling
  • Hydration Program Implementation

Hand Safety Site Analysis

  • Site Visit and Survey
  • Product and Process Evaluation
  • Development of program to increase Safety and Awareness
  • Documented Cost Savings & Safety Improvements

Fall Protection Training | Demonstrations

  • Site Visit and demonstration
  • Fall Protection Awareness Training
  • Drop Demonstrations

Head / Face PPE Analysis

  • Site Visit & Analysis
  • Product review and consolidation recommendations
  • Cost Savings options / programs
  • Product use Evaluation / Training

Distributor Joint Sales Calls

  • Outside Sales Calls with Distributor Sales People
  • Follow up on calls and samples

Product Knowledge Training

  • Customer Sales Training / Sales Meetings
  • End User Training / Product Demonstrations